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Fuck Yeah Hello Kitty!
Hey Everyone~
I made this blog just because One Reason. Hello Kitty blogs are not being updated. There's so many things to show up every day, Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE, so I wanted to share this stuff constantly.

If anyone has any problems about this blog's name, I just call it another way. I just hope you like my posts, and I would love if anyone wants to share something here. Thank you very much!
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A very Sanrio Halloween! Line Camera Stamps!

Line Play’s [Halloween Kitty] Gacha collection!!

hellococokittyxo said:EVERYTHING! I wish I could go, sucks that there isn’t one in Toronto, Canada. Please take lots of pics and share them! Enjoy and lol I’m so jealous xo


Awwww!! I know! in fact I don’t even live in Los Angeles but I had to make this travel! Let’s hope the HKCon goes worldwide if it gets enough popularity! I WILL share every picture of it, and I’m thinking about instagraming some too!! 

It’s gonna be awesome! [x]

ororooomunroe said: where is hello kitty con ?

Los Angeles! At MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art) in Little Tokyo!

go here for more info —> http://www.sanrio.com/hellokittycon/

Going to HELLO KITTY CON!!!!!

So excited!!!! Please tell me if you want to see pictures of something in particular!!!! ♡♡♡

❤ Sanrio Happy Ghost Town — Stickers for Line ~ 

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