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I made this blog just because One Reason. Hello Kitty blogs are not being updated. There's so many things to show up every day, Hello Kitty is EVERYWHERE, so I wanted to share this stuff constantly.

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Hello Kitty Beauty Salon! 

Here’s a fast review (since I really love videogames). This game is available for Android and iOS. I’m really impressed about this one. Well, you know, it’s free! Anyways in this game you’re supposed to manage Kitty’s salon, so basicaly you have to drag the incoming clients and make them haircuts, wash their hair, collect money etc. Be fast because they’re kinda impatient.

The game starts with Mimi and you can have some more Hello Kitty friends to help you. The bad thing about it is that you HAVE to buy Hello Kitty coins to upgrade the beauty equipment in the salon. 100 HK coins are like a dollar or something. So watch out with that. 

But anyways the art and music is very friendly, I really enjoyed playing it. Though I can’t go any farther unless I have HK coins, though you can buy some stuff with the money earned every day at the salon. If you really like casual gaming and Hello Kitty this game is definitely for you! Enjoy it!! 

U can find it here for Android, and here for iOS.
(I forgot to tell it’s not available in the US for iOS) 

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